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When talking brand marketing and events, it’s hard to gloss over the use of art in attracting attention and making impressions. With millennials choosing experiences over acquiring products, showrooms and galleries have fallen to the background while public installations, street art, and events have taken the lead in presenting art in various ways to reach out to the masses. From using art to represent a brand’s public image, to drawing attention to a marketing event, the uses have extended past the traditional realm of collecting and sitting in galleries.

Brand Marketing Example: Art Installation at Music FestivalAttendees of Burning Man in awe of the art installation, Uchronian 

More than half a century ago, Andy Warhol blurred the lines between brand marketing and art with his Campbell’s soup cans. Although the art world has since expanded to nearly every facet of society and every wall in cities sprawled across the world, what more can brands learn from the Warhol-era? In the pursuit of distinct content, brands have begun to tap into street artists who are able to provide branding that is recognizable, and even collectable!

In order to depict the artistry that goes into blending their cognac, Hennessy commissioned Kesh and Burrows to design a special edition bottle that became the first of an ongoing artist series. The relationship between Hennessy and various artists has not only led to boosted attention for Hennessy, but it has elevated the careers of artists in the process. But bottles are just the beginning. Incorporating artists into events not only draws attention but it also tells stories. The adaptability of art allows it to get weaved into a brand’s mission in a way that can target certain demographics with ease.

Brand Marketing Example: Product Design(Source: http://www.hennessy.com/en-int/news/2395-keeping-art-alive)

Besides storytelling, art is an incredible way to transform a raw space or venue into a space that drips with intrigue and character. Peroni, an Italian brewing company, saw art as a way of telling its story. In an effort to depict its rich Italian history, Peroni created a six week residency in London where it featured the best of Italian culture ranging from food, drink, fashion, culture, icons and traditions in a stunning experiential space. Instead of transforming the space only through props and additions, Peroni hired artists to draw sketches of Rome and its landscape directly onto chalk-etched walls. What better way to showcase the company’s artistry and rich roots than through blueprints guests can immerse themselves in? Whether you need to add to a space that is already full of history, or bring some visual excitement to a raw space, there are countless ways to incorporate art and the mastery of emerging artists into engaging and stunning ways.

Brand Marketing Example: Visual Transformation at Event(Source https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/hd/37768820690983.562ef88911918.jpg)

Beck’s Beer has also been doing its part to support the arts and has turned it into a vital facet of their brand’s image. Beginning in 2011, Beck’s started a multi-year initiative called the Green Box Project, which used augmented reality to showcase and fund more than 1,000 artists around the world. By installing large green boxes across the globe at notable landmarks, passers-by were able to view the specially commissioned pieces using the green box app. Filtering the boxes through smartphones and tablets gave viewers an experience of discovering the boxes’ mysterious contents. Not only did the project support artists, but it gave consumers the ability to interact with the brand in places they’d least expect to.

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Sexy Tech for Event Producers: EVNT Presents ROBOTS



Jimmy Fallon writes http://www.wired.com/2012/12/ff-robots-are-already-replacing-us/ in Wired Magazine, “The robots are coming. And a lot of people might find this scary – but not me!” While robots taking over the world may have been a fear of the past, Robot’s enhancing our everyday lives looks like the way of the future.

The Daily Mail cites http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3560156/Would-date-robot-One-four-claim-looks-like-human.html that in a recent survey of 1,000 British adults http://www.nesta.org.uk/news/tech-me-out-quarter-young-people-would-happily-date-robot, one in four people would consider dating a Robot.

The Daily Beast cites http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/07/poll-finds-1-in-5-people-would-have-sex-with-a-robot.html, pointing out that one in five people would have sex with a robot!

What does this mean for us? Global Event Producers have an amazing new tool at their fingertips: Robots.


Today’s events are full of sensory experiences, mobile interaction, and information overload. While we might believe that the bar is a place for people to take a break and connect on a human level, so often our audiences rush to get their cocktail and move on to the next item on their agenda. Bartenders are often relegated to being speedy drink-pourers instead of the champions of social interaction that they used to be.

Using Robots in this capacity puts the flair back into the bar at the Event. Instead of just waiting for a drink, the bar once again becomes a focal point for engagement, interaction, and conversation. Robotic bartenders serve up the perfect pour in record time and become part of the event’s overall entertainment program.


Event Producers can leverage today’s app and social media obsessions to create unique event experiences. Most robotic bartending systems utilize an app for event guests to create, order, and share their cocktails of choice. Robotic bartending systems encourage social sharing around the users favorite spirits and personal specialty recipes. Imagine that the next specialty cocktail at your event can be created organically in real-time by your audience.


Interested in building a natural connection between your Brand’s CEO and thousands of employees? Program your CEO’s favorite cocktail recipe along with a personal message into the social app which interacts with your Robotic Bartender. By the end of the night, everyone can feel like they got to share a drink with the Boss.

Have a more conservative audience who is too shy to break the ice and start conversation? Let guests start interacting with people they are interested in meeting by requesting a ready-made drink for them at the bar accompanied by a digital “hello”. You could even have their drinks delivered by service robot or drone!

Pre-program personal and signature cocktails into a digital drink menu and get ready to see your guests drink, share, post, and remember your event’s unique Robotic twist on cocktails.


Here are a few of the ways Robots have raised spirits so far:

– The premium level suites at Arlington Park Racecourse in Chicago features Robotic drink kiosks http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20150501/BLOGS04/150509992/your-next-drink-at-arlington-park-may-be-served-by-a-robot serving up mint juleps and other fancy cocktails.

– Royal Caribbean features Robotic Bartenders http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/royal-caribbean-introduces-robot-bartenders-article-1.2015449 on their “Quantum of the Seas”. So many people have been YouTubing, Facebooking, tweeting and otherwise sharing the robot bartender experience on social media that the ship has had to increase WiFi coverage in their “Bionic Bar”.

– At the 2016 OppiKoppi Music Festival, GPS guided drones dropped ice cold beer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGZnouOGc5A via mini parachutes to attendees.

– At Robots Bar and Lounge http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/robot-bartenders-in-germany-will-make-you-the-perfect-margarita in Ilmenau, Germany, Carl the Robot Bartender mixes up your favorite cocktails.

Work with EVNT to integrate Robotics and more Technology in your next event.

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Sexy Tech for Event Producers: EVNT Presents Smart Tones


As Event Producers, we’re always looking for effective and engaging ways to communicate with our audiences. In this day and age, Event Producers have an additional challenge: We’re often tasked with engaging our audiences in advance of the actual event, and after the event through event-generated content and social media. The measure of our success now lies in so much more than the day-of entertaining of our guests.

A group of people using cell phone


Just look around to see that everyone is turning to his or her mobile devices for information, connection, and influence. It’s obvious that engaging with your audience via mobile is a powerful tool, but here are some stats to back up what we already clearly know:

According to a 2015 Pew Research Report, 43% of adults live in a cellphone-only household. 92% of American adults own a cellphone, including the 67% who own a smartphone. As cellphones and smartphones become more widely adopted and play a larger role in people’s daily communications, their owners often treat them like body appendages. Nine-in-ten cellphone owners (90%) say they “frequently” carry their phone with them, while just 6% say they “occasionally” have their phones with them. Just 3% say they only “rarely” have their cellphones with them and 1% of cellphone owners say they “never” have their phone with them.

USA Today proclaims that 90% of Millennials consider their mobile devices to be a central part of their every day life, and 84% of the general population agrees.

As Event Producers, how do we use this to enhance our audience experience? Watch EVNT’s Sexy Tech Video below to start exploring:


Communicating with your event audience through their mobile device is obviously not a new idea. Whether sending targeted messages through iBeacon technology, or implementing NFC and RFID mobile integration, or creating sharable photo opportunities via Instagram and Snapchat, mobile engagement at events has been on the rise. However, jammed cell service and slow networks at large events, and the proximity of your audience to a piece of physical hardware create major limitations.

Smart Tone Technology takes mobile interaction to a whole different level. Smart Tone tech isn’t bound by hardware, internet, or proximity. As crazy as it might seem, your messaging and content is sent to mobile devices over high frequency sound waves. Anywhere you have a speaker that is generating sound, you can send direct and interactive content to your audience. This could be through your event’s existing speaker system, through the laptop speakers of someone who is watching your event live stream at home, or through a television or car stereo system where your content is playing. So in other words, once someone has your event app on their mobile device, you can interact with them anytime, anywhere.

Imagine sending perfectly timed teaser mobile messages to your potential audience all around the globe prior to an event, providing programming updates, directional messages, and second-screen content to people during your event, and creating pop-up mobile interactions and behind-the-scenes experiences with people all over the internet when they are watching your post-event content. The possibilities are endless.


– Smart Tone Recognition software can be easily integrated into existing or new apps on mobile devices. When users download or update your event or company app, they provide permission for the app to use the devices built in microphone.

– Since sound is the conduit, there’s no need for internet or cell signal, which means you can even send content in airplane mode.

– Instead of investing in hardware, you only pay for smart tone technology when your audience engages with it.

– Up to 3MB of data can be sent through a Smart Tone, meaning you can send real-time messages, photos, and light videos to your audience.

– Larger videos can be pre-programmed into your event app and can be triggered via a Smart Tone to play at the time and place of your choosing.

<> at HMV Hammersmith Apollo on June 24, 2012 in London, United Kingdom.


Here are a few of the ways Smart Tones have been put to use so far:

– Swedish House Mafia used Smart Tones to send their live audience a custom light-show, which synced to the stage show during their performance.

– Made in America Festival used Smart Tones to provide exclusive content, targeted promotions, directional messages and real-time performance updates to guests.

– The Discovery Channel created an interactive trivia app using smart tones embedded in broadcasts of “Mythbusters”, which allowed users to engage with episodes in real time while watching the show.

EVNT is an authorized partner of LISNR, the leader in Smart Tone technology used to enhance event experiences everywhere.

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