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Why having a personal hobby is mandatory to work for EVNT

When we were asked to design the set for the Jaguar Road Rally, we did not foresee Associate Creative Director, Colin, submerged in a pool on load-in day with the eponymous cat.

But that’s what happened, so to speak.



During our initial site visit we discovered an opportunity for additional marketing for the brand…at the bottom of the pool.

The location of the event, the Topping Rose House, boasted a lap pool in the area where guests were to be entertained. The idea was to leverage what was ostensibly dead space by creating illuminating signage of the Jaguar logo to be installed underwater.

Each signage was made out of a sheet of acrylic, approximately 4 to 5 feet in width. The installation called for incredible precision, as the material was quite fragile and needed to somehow be submerged in the bottom of the pool. There was considerable concern regarding such a task. How could we ensure that the acrylic wouldn’t crack?


2014-08-23 17.00.15

Thanks to ACD Colin, a certified rescue and recovery diver, we were able to secure the precarious signage without a hitch. Once in the pool he channeled his previous training, holding his breath for extended periods of time while securing the signage to the pool floor, all the while maintaining his buoyancy so as not to float to the top.

colin water2It was a tale of mythic proportions, a sight to behold: Colin and the Jaguar.

We have always encouraged the extracurricular activities of our team; hobbies unearth additional skill sets that can be applied on the job. In hindsight, we would have preferred Colin to be decked out in scuba gear, at least for our scrapbook, but his stunt that day was impressive nonetheless.

When asked for comment, Colin confirmed the installation went “quite swimmingly.”


2014-08-23 17.02.55









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There will be mud: Erecting a sponsor village in the eye of the storm

We must admit, when it first dawned on us that we would be producing a sponsor village for an eight-city national tour for Oprah, a few concerns came to mind. Would we be able to complete fabrication in time? Would our crew get along for the entire ten weeks? Would Oprah like us?

While we certainly couldn’t predict the last one, we did everything in our power to ensure we had a successful tour. Dependable and efficient builders? Check. A talented, animated crew? Check. Come September, with each crew member heading for the airport and a fleet of production trucks heading south from our warehouse in Buffalo, we were ready.

What we didn’t account for? Mud.



And lots of it. The first leg of our tour coincided with a hurricane. As our crew and deliverables touched down in Atlanta so too did a torrent of rain. And wind. And lightning. We had excelled in the pre-production within an unprecedented 5-week timeframe but, as it would turn out, that was the easy part. Now we had to erect a village in the eye of a hurricane. Admittedly, we had our doubts. You can’t build a castle on quicksand so how can you build a village in mud? But our crew was determined and unwavering. They laughed, they bonded and, what do you know, they triumphantly assembled 120 wall panels, placed over 250 pieces of furniture, hung 200 pictures & 500lbs chandeliers, put up a video wall and ran power throughout the entire village plus SO much more and all before opening day.




We learned a lesson during that load-in which was invaluable not only for the remaining stops on the tour, but for our ethos as a company. Always stay positive. For even when you dot every i and cross every t, you can’t always plan for a rainy day.

We just may have come up with Oprah’s new book.

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