When talking brand marketing and events, it’s hard to gloss over the use of art in attracting attention and making impressions. With millennials choosing experiences over acquiring products, showrooms and galleries have fallen to the background while public installations, street art, and events have taken the lead in presenting art in various ways to reach out to the masses. From using art to represent a brand’s public image, to drawing attention to a marketing event, the uses have extended past the traditional realm of collecting and sitting in galleries.

Brand Marketing Example: Art Installation at Music FestivalAttendees of Burning Man in awe of the art installation, Uchronian 

More than half a century ago, Andy Warhol blurred the lines between brand marketing and art with his Campbell’s soup cans. Although the art world has since expanded to nearly every facet of society and every wall in cities sprawled across the world, what more can brands learn from the Warhol-era? In the pursuit of distinct content, brands have begun to tap into street artists who are able to provide branding that is recognizable, and even collectable!

In order to depict the artistry that goes into blending their cognac, Hennessy commissioned Kesh and Burrows to design a special edition bottle that became the first of an ongoing artist series. The relationship between Hennessy and various artists has not only led to boosted attention for Hennessy, but it has elevated the careers of artists in the process. But bottles are just the beginning. Incorporating artists into events not only draws attention but it also tells stories. The adaptability of art allows it to get weaved into a brand’s mission in a way that can target certain demographics with ease.

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Besides storytelling, art is an incredible way to transform a raw space or venue into a space that drips with intrigue and character. Peroni, an Italian brewing company, saw art as a way of telling its story. In an effort to depict its rich Italian history, Peroni created a six week residency in London where it featured the best of Italian culture ranging from food, drink, fashion, culture, icons and traditions in a stunning experiential space. Instead of transforming the space only through props and additions, Peroni hired artists to draw sketches of Rome and its landscape directly onto chalk-etched walls. What better way to showcase the company’s artistry and rich roots than through blueprints guests can immerse themselves in? Whether you need to add to a space that is already full of history, or bring some visual excitement to a raw space, there are countless ways to incorporate art and the mastery of emerging artists into engaging and stunning ways.

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Beck’s Beer has also been doing its part to support the arts and has turned it into a vital facet of their brand’s image. Beginning in 2011, Beck’s started a multi-year initiative called the Green Box Project, which used augmented reality to showcase and fund more than 1,000 artists around the world. By installing large green boxes across the globe at notable landmarks, passers-by were able to view the specially commissioned pieces using the green box app. Filtering the boxes through smartphones and tablets gave viewers an experience of discovering the boxes’ mysterious contents. Not only did the project support artists, but it gave consumers the ability to interact with the brand in places they’d least expect to.