When tasked with creating an installation comprised of over one hundred thousand track points for Lenovo (a nod to the brand’s celebrated ThinkPad technology), we ran into one large problem. Our vendors confirmed that such a project would take, on average, 80 days to produce. By the time we were officially awarded the gig, there were only 10 days prior to shipping.

With the countdown clock ticking, we had no choice but to put our heads together to come up with an alternative—and fast.

Rohit & Colin, our Creative Director & Associate, grew frantic trying to come up with a solution. During one laborious late night, Colin had resolved to construct a display of faux-think pads comprised entirely of red M&Ms…and then Legos. The group morale level was high when Colin identified a fish tank company from the Animal Planet TV show, “Tank’d” which specialized in customized acrylic tubes. Only to be depleted upon hearing that the company would not be able to provide any builds within our time constraints.

There were only a few days until we needed to ship and we were at a standstill.

As it turns out, our expertise in various materials trumped any batty 3am brainstorms. After placing their final futile calls to plastic manufacturers in India & Australia, Rohit & Colin began to volley a few alternative materials off one another. One after the next until they reached the same conclusion: Styrofoam.



They were able to simulate the appearance of a hundred thousand track points, in mere days, by using custom colored Styrofoam and red internal lighting with a result praised by the client.

It is with this same steadfast, never-say-die attitude, that we approach all of our events. We may not have needed to source a hundred thousand red M&M’s this time around but rest assured, we would never shy away from such a challenge.