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Sexy Tech for Event Producers: EVNT Presents ROBOTS



Jimmy Fallon writes http://www.wired.com/2012/12/ff-robots-are-already-replacing-us/ in Wired Magazine, “The robots are coming. And a lot of people might find this scary – but not me!” While robots taking over the world may have been a fear of the past, Robot’s enhancing our everyday lives looks like the way of the future.

The Daily Mail cites http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3560156/Would-date-robot-One-four-claim-looks-like-human.html that in a recent survey of 1,000 British adults http://www.nesta.org.uk/news/tech-me-out-quarter-young-people-would-happily-date-robot, one in four people would consider dating a Robot.

The Daily Beast cites http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/07/poll-finds-1-in-5-people-would-have-sex-with-a-robot.html, pointing out that one in five people would have sex with a robot!

What does this mean for us? Global Event Producers have an amazing new tool at their fingertips: Robots.


Today’s events are full of sensory experiences, mobile interaction, and information overload. While we might believe that the bar is a place for people to take a break and connect on a human level, so often our audiences rush to get their cocktail and move on to the next item on their agenda. Bartenders are often relegated to being speedy drink-pourers instead of the champions of social interaction that they used to be.

Using Robots in this capacity puts the flair back into the bar at the Event. Instead of just waiting for a drink, the bar once again becomes a focal point for engagement, interaction, and conversation. Robotic bartenders serve up the perfect pour in record time and become part of the event’s overall entertainment program.


Event Producers can leverage today’s app and social media obsessions to create unique event experiences. Most robotic bartending systems utilize an app for event guests to create, order, and share their cocktails of choice. Robotic bartending systems encourage social sharing around the users favorite spirits and personal specialty recipes. Imagine that the next specialty cocktail at your event can be created organically in real-time by your audience.


Interested in building a natural connection between your Brand’s CEO and thousands of employees? Program your CEO’s favorite cocktail recipe along with a personal message into the social app which interacts with your Robotic Bartender. By the end of the night, everyone can feel like they got to share a drink with the Boss.

Have a more conservative audience who is too shy to break the ice and start conversation? Let guests start interacting with people they are interested in meeting by requesting a ready-made drink for them at the bar accompanied by a digital “hello”. You could even have their drinks delivered by service robot or drone!

Pre-program personal and signature cocktails into a digital drink menu and get ready to see your guests drink, share, post, and remember your event’s unique Robotic twist on cocktails.


Here are a few of the ways Robots have raised spirits so far:

– The premium level suites at Arlington Park Racecourse in Chicago features Robotic drink kiosks http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20150501/BLOGS04/150509992/your-next-drink-at-arlington-park-may-be-served-by-a-robot serving up mint juleps and other fancy cocktails.

– Royal Caribbean features Robotic Bartenders http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/royal-caribbean-introduces-robot-bartenders-article-1.2015449 on their “Quantum of the Seas”. So many people have been YouTubing, Facebooking, tweeting and otherwise sharing the robot bartender experience on social media that the ship has had to increase WiFi coverage in their “Bionic Bar”.

– At the 2016 OppiKoppi Music Festival, GPS guided drones dropped ice cold beer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGZnouOGc5A via mini parachutes to attendees.

– At Robots Bar and Lounge http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/robot-bartenders-in-germany-will-make-you-the-perfect-margarita in Ilmenau, Germany, Carl the Robot Bartender mixes up your favorite cocktails.

Work with EVNT to integrate Robotics and more Technology in your next event.

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August 2015 Newsletter


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July 2015 Newsletter

Featuring event highlights, creative tips, and a chance to win breakfast for you and a co-worker! Just print, complete, and return the word search to info@myevnt.com for a chance to win!


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Why having a personal hobby is mandatory to work for EVNT

When we were asked to design the set for the Jaguar Road Rally, we did not foresee Associate Creative Director, Colin, submerged in a pool on load-in day with the eponymous cat.

But that’s what happened, so to speak.



During our initial site visit we discovered an opportunity for additional marketing for the brand…at the bottom of the pool.

The location of the event, the Topping Rose House, boasted a lap pool in the area where guests were to be entertained. The idea was to leverage what was ostensibly dead space by creating illuminating signage of the Jaguar logo to be installed underwater.

Each signage was made out of a sheet of acrylic, approximately 4 to 5 feet in width. The installation called for incredible precision, as the material was quite fragile and needed to somehow be submerged in the bottom of the pool. There was considerable concern regarding such a task. How could we ensure that the acrylic wouldn’t crack?


2014-08-23 17.00.15

Thanks to ACD Colin, a certified rescue and recovery diver, we were able to secure the precarious signage without a hitch. Once in the pool he channeled his previous training, holding his breath for extended periods of time while securing the signage to the pool floor, all the while maintaining his buoyancy so as not to float to the top.

colin water2It was a tale of mythic proportions, a sight to behold: Colin and the Jaguar.

We have always encouraged the extracurricular activities of our team; hobbies unearth additional skill sets that can be applied on the job. In hindsight, we would have preferred Colin to be decked out in scuba gear, at least for our scrapbook, but his stunt that day was impressive nonetheless.

When asked for comment, Colin confirmed the installation went “quite swimmingly.”


2014-08-23 17.02.55









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Desperation is the mother of invention: 100,000 track points in 10 days

When tasked with creating an installation comprised of over one hundred thousand track points for Lenovo (a nod to the brand’s celebrated ThinkPad technology), we ran into one large problem. Our vendors confirmed that such a project would take, on average, 80 days to produce. By the time we were officially awarded the gig, there were only 10 days prior to shipping.

With the countdown clock ticking, we had no choice but to put our heads together to come up with an alternative—and fast.

Rohit & Colin, our Creative Director & Associate, grew frantic trying to come up with a solution. During one laborious late night, Colin had resolved to construct a display of faux-think pads comprised entirely of red M&Ms…and then Legos. The group morale level was high when Colin identified a fish tank company from the Animal Planet TV show, “Tank’d” which specialized in customized acrylic tubes. Only to be depleted upon hearing that the company would not be able to provide any builds within our time constraints.

There were only a few days until we needed to ship and we were at a standstill.

As it turns out, our expertise in various materials trumped any batty 3am brainstorms. After placing their final futile calls to plastic manufacturers in India & Australia, Rohit & Colin began to volley a few alternative materials off one another. One after the next until they reached the same conclusion: Styrofoam.



They were able to simulate the appearance of a hundred thousand track points, in mere days, by using custom colored Styrofoam and red internal lighting with a result praised by the client.

It is with this same steadfast, never-say-die attitude, that we approach all of our events. We may not have needed to source a hundred thousand red M&M’s this time around but rest assured, we would never shy away from such a challenge.

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There will be mud: Erecting a sponsor village in the eye of the storm

We must admit, when it first dawned on us that we would be producing a sponsor village for an eight-city national tour for Oprah, a few concerns came to mind. Would we be able to complete fabrication in time? Would our crew get along for the entire ten weeks? Would Oprah like us?

While we certainly couldn’t predict the last one, we did everything in our power to ensure we had a successful tour. Dependable and efficient builders? Check. A talented, animated crew? Check. Come September, with each crew member heading for the airport and a fleet of production trucks heading south from our warehouse in Buffalo, we were ready.

What we didn’t account for? Mud.



And lots of it. The first leg of our tour coincided with a hurricane. As our crew and deliverables touched down in Atlanta so too did a torrent of rain. And wind. And lightning. We had excelled in the pre-production within an unprecedented 5-week timeframe but, as it would turn out, that was the easy part. Now we had to erect a village in the eye of a hurricane. Admittedly, we had our doubts. You can’t build a castle on quicksand so how can you build a village in mud? But our crew was determined and unwavering. They laughed, they bonded and, what do you know, they triumphantly assembled 120 wall panels, placed over 250 pieces of furniture, hung 200 pictures & 500lbs chandeliers, put up a video wall and ran power throughout the entire village plus SO much more and all before opening day.




We learned a lesson during that load-in which was invaluable not only for the remaining stops on the tour, but for our ethos as a company. Always stay positive. For even when you dot every i and cross every t, you can’t always plan for a rainy day.

We just may have come up with Oprah’s new book.

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